SAP BPC Online Training

Unit 1: Concepts and Objects in BPC Administration

Business Objects
Overview and Advantages of BO PC
Business Planning and Consolidation
Some Modeling Aspects
Comparison BW Integrated Planning and BPC
Strategic View
Application Set Management
Dimension Management
Creating Applications

Unit 2: Interface for Excel

Navigating in the Interface for Excel

Unit 3: Range Based Reporting – EvDRE

Range Based Reporting – EVDRE

Unit 4: Planning

BPC Planning

Unit 5: EV Functions & Cell Based Reporting

EV Functions & Cell Based Reporting

Unit 6: Drill Through

Drill Through

Unit 7: Business Process Flows

Using Business Process Flows

Unit 8: Xcelsius Integration

Xcelsius Integration

Unit 9: Word and Powerpoint Integration

The Interface for Word and PowerPoint

Unit 10: Interface for the Web

Interface for the Web

Unit 11: Data Acquisition, Transformation, Multi Provider and BW Reporting

Data Acquisition, Transformations, Packages, and Package Links

Unit 12: Working with Logic

Script Logic and Online Execution
Script Logic and Central Execution
Script Logic and Allocation
Script Logic and ABAP Integration
Dimension Member Formulas

BOPC 7.5 NW Consolidation

Unit 1: SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation Framework

Appsets and Applications
Dimensions, Properties, and Loading Master Data
Consolidation Logic

Unit 2: Data Collection and Preparation

Transaction Data Collection
Journal Entries and Balance Carry Forward
Account Transformation, Allocation, and Validation

Unit 3: Currency Translation

Currency Translation

Unit 4: Consolidation of Investments

Consolidation of Investment Concepts
Consolidation of Investments Architecture

Unit 5: Inter Company Eliminations

Inter Company Matching
Inter Unit Elimination and US Elimination