SAP IS Utilities Online Training

SAP ISU Introduction

SAP IS-Utilities/CCS overview
Scope of Regulated and Deregulated Market for ISU
Recognize how SAP ISU integrated in the R/3 Environment
Functional scope of the ISU system
Basic Master Data/Basic Functions
Business Master Data
Technical master Data
Schedule Master Data
Device Master Data
Concept of Move-in/out process
Overview of Customer Interaction Centre
Overview of Contract account Receivables and payables
Overview of Device Management Module
Explanation of Business scenarios in ISU

Billing & Invoicing Module

Master Data and functions relevant to Billing
How rates and prices are mapped in the ISU system
Configuration of Rate Structure/Tariff Design
Configuration of Schema development and Rate determination process
Configure customizing settings for billing & invoicing Process
Discounts / surcharges
Meter reading order creation and consumption entry results process
Explanation of Different billing cycles like Manual billing, Interim billing,Periodic billing and final billing
Bill Print out functions

Billing & Invoicing Integration with DM & FICA module