SAP Workflow Online Training

Work Flow Roles
Process consultant
Workflow developer
Workflow system administrator
Workflow agent
Process controller
Organizational Plan
Starting the Workflow Builder
Creating a Workflow
Defining and Inserting Task
Creating Task
Including “Check Notification of Absence” in the Workflow
Adding a User Decision
Defining and Including “Revise Notification of Absence”
Integrating the UNTIL Loop for Reapproval
Inserting Container Operations
Changing Staff Assignments
Including “Send Notification” into the Workflow Definit
Work Item Attachments
Monitoring Missed Deadlines
Creating an Organizational Plan
Creating Staff Assignments
Assigning Tasks
Testing the Existing Application Functions
Identifying and Extending Object Types
Adding Further Attributes
Flexible Event Creation
Agent Determination – Organizational Plan
Defining a Workflow
Editing Workflow Definitions
Executing the Scenario
Extending Object Types: Inheritance and Delegation
Creating an Object Type in the Business Object Repositor
Creating Database Field Attributes
Creating Object Database Field Attributes
Creating Virtual Attributes
Creating Object Virtual Attributes
Creating Multiline Virtual Attributes
Creating the Method Edit Without Parameters
Creating the ExistenceCheck Method Without Parameters
Creating the Display Method Without Parameters
Creating a Method with Parameters
Events and Their Creation