UNIX Shell Programming Online Training

unix shell programming online training

UNIX Shell Programming Training Course Details


The UNIX Shell The Bourne
Korn & C Shells UNIX Shell Scripts


Commands, ls
Redirection, Pipes, Find, Grep, Sort

UNIX Shell Features

Invoking a Shell
Command line expansion
Command Arguments
Quotation marks
File descriptors
Here documents, Redirection, Pipes, Tee
Defining Exporting and Environment variables
Command grouping
Conditional execution

Basic Shell Scripts

Positional and Automatic Parameters Set
Reading input
Writing to standard output
Display attributes
Interactive Shell scripts

Bourne & Korn Shell Programming

If statement
While statement
Case statement
Test command
For statement
Break statement
Continue statement
Tests on numeric values
String comparisons
Command exit status
Logical operators
Error handling

Korn Shell Extensions

Command substitution
Arithmetic expressions
Valid arithmetic operators
Variable attributes
Typeset, Built-in variables
Select command